Genius Lessons From A Successful Entrepreneur

App Fog Business Startup Lessons at a Lucrative Entrepreneur

Lucas Carlson is often a successful startup entrepreneur. When he first began however, he made a number of bad choices that almost cost him hugely.

Don’t Skip Business Setup Planning

At first he only agreed to be programming a concept for App Fog. He was missing a website page, any checking account, brain storming ideas, or with the ideal customers. Skipping key steps really put him back for decades. He would program for weeks, and finish the app idea. Then program for weeks and take care of the idea. He couldn’t get people interested in the concept that appeared.

Creating a Landing Page

Finally, he chosen to create a squeeze page one night when he was too tired to rest or even tell his wife concerning the programming idea. The app idea was PHP Fog. He tried putting it up on a web site before that called He registered the PHP Fog website and easily simply wrote “it’s like Heroku for PHP”. Heroku’s site only allowed for Rudy on Rails applications so he couldn’t placed the applications on this site.

Living the Dream

The next morning he awoke and had 300 people on his website! He didn’t promote it anywhere else. All he did was put one link on Hacker News network. Also, he described the web page in more depth. It turned out that the reasoning was a “hair on fire” idea without even the roll-out of the project! This gave him assurance that when the effort is put in, the outcome will be desired. After programming for just two weeks. he just only were built with a prototype as well as the traffic went from 800 to 4,000 unique visitors daily!

Hair on Fire Problem Equals Confidence

He had identified a “hair on fire” problem. This gave him confidence to program the remedy. This changed his life forever! He realized the gap between which has a problem men and women know they’ve already versus the problems that men and women don’t know they’ve already. PHP Fog appeared being AppFog. It raised $10 billion dollars and was later bought out.

No Marketing Expenses

He didn’t spend a penny on marketing! It wasn’t a mishap. People already wanted the reasoning and were hoping to find it. He found that he might find what people already wanted and after that program a software based on what they have to wanted. He wasn’t choosing a “shot from the dark” anymore.

Don’t be Intimidated

Creating a website landing page or micro-website can be quite scary for many. They don’t wish to know if others comparable to their great idea or otherwise. There can be a denial psychological part to the present way of thinking. It can be self-defeating on the creation of a concept. They will think “Well I believe in the theory so much, that I don’t care the other people think of it”. This philosophy will kill a good plan. Put your “right foot first” and see what individuals need.